Hair Care Tips

Here are a few tips on daily hair care to keep your weave looking healthy and reusable.
  • What is Raw hair?
Raw Hair is defined as hair that has NOT been altered by steam or chemical processing in any way. With Raw Hair being completely unprocessed and chemical free, Raw Hair is the most natural, pure, and 100% authentic hair on the market today

  • Will Raw Indian Hair blend with African American hair?
Yes, this hair is very versatile it will match with most.
  • How much hair will I need?
We suggest Lengths 14-16" inches 2 bundles or more. 18-24"inches 3 bundles or more.
  • Can I color this hair? 
Yes this is 100% unprocessed hair. So you can color the hair to your desire. We recommend that you go to a professional because once hair is treated any way it is no longer virgin hair.
  • Can the weft be cut?
Yes are wefts are able to be cut without unraveling. We do not suggest cutting our wefts for the longevity of the bundles.
  • Does this hair shed? 
Just like your normal hair, extensions will shed. Shedding is common for hair extensions because they are made up of human hair. You can expect some shedding throughout the lifespan of the bundles. The hair will never be a noticeable decrease in its volume. However proper maintenance is extremely important. 
  • What type of hair products should I use?
Treat this hair like your own. Use quality shampoo and conditioner products. We recommend using a deep conditioner on your hair once a week to keep it soft and manageable.
  • Can I wash my hair?
Yes u may wash your hair as much as you like. You must NEVER sleep on wet hair ,sleeping on wet hair is known for matting which makes is very hard to keep the hair up. Make sure your hair is completely dry before going to sleep.
  • Do I have to do anything special to my hair?
We recommend that you comb your hair every morning. Brush your hair from the ends towards the scalp. Rolling your hair in rods at night will maintain curls and limit the amount of heat you have to use daily.